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A mixture for Virginia lovers! We start with naturally sweet red and stoved red Virginia tobaccos, add enough perique to provide some body and spice things up a bit, and finish the blend with a pinch of unflavored black toasted cavendish. The color is reminiscent of the hues of a redwood forest; the flavor is rich and soothing, and the room aroma is as pleasing as a walk in the woods after a gentle spring rain.

BrandTwo Friends
Blended ByCraig Tarler & Gregory Pease
Manufactured ByCornell & Diehl
Blend TypeVirginia/Perique
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Perique, Virginia
Packaging2 ounce tin, 8 ounce tin
ProductionCurrently available
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Medium to Strong
None Detected
Room Note
Pleasant, Pleasant to Tolerable

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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (2158)
Mild to Medium Extremely Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

The red Virginia is tangy, dried fruit sweet, and though it doesn't drive the flavor profile, it's consistently present. The stoved Virginias are a little less sweeter, and seem to be providing a light woodiness, too. The perique is a minor, yet ever noticeable component, and is figgy, raisiny, with a mild spice note. The unsweetened black cavendish adds a touch of sugar in the background. Sounds more complex and sweeter than it really is, there's a certain dryness to the taste that somewhat offsets the sweetness. Has a slightly more than mild nic-hit. Won't bite. Burns clean and cool at a reasonable pace with a consistent flavor. Leaves little moisture in the bowl, and needs an average number of relights. Has a decent after taste. Produces lots of smoke in each puff. A pretty decent starter blend or an all day smoke if you please, but it may leave experienced VaPer smokers wanting more than this offers, despite the high quality of the tobaccos. Two and a half stars.

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DoctorThoss Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DoctorThoss (146)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Very Pleasant

This is a Va/Per that earns high marks for being different. Redwood has a sweet flavor, an incredible room note and is easier on the tongue than other blends of its type(although I suggest you smoke it slowly). The nicotine can take you by surprise, but as I'm a recovering cigarette smoker I don't consider that to be much of a drawback. Although it seems as though the quality of the VA and perique is top-notch, the cavendish might be the key ingredient here: it seems to provide an extra measure of sweetness while curbing the tendency of a VA/PER to bite or even grow harsh.

Like other Two Friends products, this is a distinctly odd blend: it's almost an aromatic VA/PER, similar in concept to Haddo's Delight. I don't detect any topping, per se, but the cavendish definitely adds a bit of sweetness and my wife likes the room note more than any aromatic I've ever smoked around her (she even likes it more than Autumn Evening).

This might be a 4-star tobacco for some, but I don't smoke it often enough for me to call it a favorite. Va/Per purists might be turned off by the components, but that's their loss. YMMV.

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DK Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DK (839)
Mild to Medium Extremely Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant

I agree with the previous reviewer - this looks a bit like redwood tree bark in the tin. The mildest of tin aromas of a light vanilla (?) and perhaps white wine.

The smoke was decent but mostly uneventful. There was a very light natural VA sweetness with a touch of perique. But it didn't stop at being a light vaper. The addition of cavendish added some additional sweetness in the taste and a bit of pleasantness in the room note. That makes it sound like there's a fair bit of complexity and a lot going on but I just didn't find that to be so. I find the lack of recent reviews of this blend to be indicative of its lack of any real depth. I'd call this an interesting blend but little more than that. Three stars because it is recommended for folks that want to try a fairly mild and lightly sweet Vaper but there are much better Vapers out there, some of which were blended by these Two Friends separately. But for what I perceive is its intended audience, this one is worth trying.

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Ash Ryan Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Ash Ryan (3)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Tolerable

This tobacco came wet in the tin and required some drying time. The tin note is of earth and chocolate, with a hint of dark fruit. The tobaccos used seem to be of high quality and mechanics are no problem. The flavor is dark, earthy and not as sweet as advertised or expected given the virginia content, and the flavor remained vigilant no matter my cadence. A great smoke, but not my prefered flavor spectrum, as i like more of a bakery, cinnamon roll sweetness like telegraph hill or escudo. The perique is on the heavy side, somewhere between telegraph hill and bayou morning. Nicotine content feels medium/high.

Pipe Used: Stanwell authentic shape 11

Age When Smoked: Fresh with some dryng time

Purchased From:

Similar Blends: Blackwoods flake with perique.

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TallPuffO'Burley Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
TallPuffO'Burley (492)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable

This blend did not do it for me as much as I had hoped it would. It is a well done vaper, but I find that it is not as sweet as I would have preferred in this type of blend. I find the Virginia combination to be more earthy than sugary. This actually surprised me as I expected big sweetness in the combination of red Virginia and stoved Virginia. Don't get me wrong, there was sweetness, it was just wasn't to my particular liking.

I found the perique content to be heavier than average, but well below heavy. The blend does have a good amount of spice and is pretty biteless. It is also a pretty moist blend and despite a good amount of time in the tin (greater than a year), it retained this moisture til the last scraps were burned up. Overall, it performs well and is a quality leaf. The two stars represent my own desire for more sweetness and an abundance of vapers on the market that deliver said sweetness.

If you like an earthier, spicy vaper however, you may really like this and rate it much higher than I have. I won't be purchasing more of this one.

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LoneRider Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
LoneRider (20)
Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

I've got mixed feelings on this blend. For the record, the blend is fine in terms of moisture content. I had no problems with it being too dry as some of the other blends produced by C&D. The first few puffs were very sweet, but not overly so. The flavor became more complex as I went into the second third of the bowl; sweet, but not as sweet as when I started. As I smoked it sown, it became mort bitter and had a rather sour taste to it. If I was to judge this on the first 2/3 of the bowl, this would be a highly recommended blend, but I'm one who likes to smoke it down the bottom, so hence the 2 star review.

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½ bowl Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
½ bowl (99)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Pleasant to Tolerable

My supply of Redwood arrived rather dry and I didn't enjoy it very much. I moistened it with an aluminum water disk thingy and that helped a lot. Redwood's taste is predominantly that of Virginia tobacco, but not a sharp or "hot" one. This has a Virginia taste with the mellowness and mouth-feel of Burley.

From first light this blend abounds in subtleties and fine distinctions: spice on the tongue; an ephemeral floral suggestion in the nose and sinuses; a deep dark fruitiness on the palate; and more; but I'll spare you the minutiae. I am really sensitive to Perique's piquancy, and for me it is just a bit too assertive. Even so, in this blend "the pinch" is a mere distraction, and it fades as the smoke progresses. That makes it acceptable -- especially since Perique's flavor really supports this blend.

By mid-bowl that vague floral presence transforms into something hinting slightly of charred meat -- or a component thereof (that's not quite right, but it's the best I can do.) The spiciness smoothes out somewhat, and the fruity underpinnings start to develop earthier tones that persist to the very end.

This is a blend you can play games with: searching out different sensations by changing both the puffing cadence and the way you wreathe the smoke between mouth and nose. Try this in various pipes too.

By the end of the smoke the earthy base flavors offer occasional cigar-like impressions that are quite pleasant. The nicotine content is satisfying; and the lingering finish is oh so "tobacco-ey".

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caddad Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
caddad (53)
Medium None Detected Medium to Full Pleasant

The thing I remember most about this blend, the texture of the leaf. I have had Virginia blends that I have had to rub out and flakes of all sorts. This is red and light and fluffy if I can use that term. It packs very well and burns great. It has a wonderful flavor and burns nicely. I smoked eight ounces of this and re-ordered it when I ran out. It?s a great summertime blend , I remember smoking countless bowls of this on my boat at the lake. Highly recommended.

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LV9 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
LV9 (76)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable

Must reviews have gotten this one right if you are a vaper smoker this one is a must lights well smoke fantastic and it's affordable the only con in my opinion is that the perique whips your bud the last quarter of the pipe to the point that it might irritate your throat I don't inhale btw but it is the nature of the blend. Smokes better in small bowls in larger bowls the blend gets muddy, I don't know how is it that the red Virginia from C&D has nicotine and McClellands does not but in this blend you better respect lady nicotine or she might slap you across the face due to this I do it consider it an all day blend but more a late night treat. Would I purchased again...absolutely!

Age When Smoked: 8 years

Purchased From: From C&D THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

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Sir Walter Smiley Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Sir Walter Smiley (24)
Mild to Medium Extremely Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant

I bought 8(2 oz.)tins of Redwood,on a whim,off of ebay. I thought it would be a sure bet with the rep. of the two blenders involved with Two Friends;C&D and G.L. Pease. I was not disappointed. Upon opening the first can I approved of the smell,natural tobbaco and prunie. No smell or taste of ammonia.Being a mostly Virginia blend, Redwood burns comparativly cool.Its taste is consistent with its smell and on the mild side. This blend could have had four stars with a little more perique. The cavendish sweetens and mellows this blend.You could call this a daily smoker.I call it a race to the finish. The size of pipe used for Redwood can vary. I have smoked this in many sizes, from a large omm paul to a small "bings favorite",with tasty results. If you are looking for a nicotine fix,look elsewhere.Redwood must have nicotine in it but I am a bad judge due to the Pall Mall nonfilters I have yet to completely quit.

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dualkarnain Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
dualkarnain (75)
Medium Mild Medium Pleasant

This is a sweet VA/Per that doesn't stand out in a crowd. It's more Pease than CD but otherwise.

Images evoked include a private first class undead soldier doing rounds in the Evil Dead army with three companies of bone-soldiers.

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Tantric Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Tantric (302)
Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

I was really impressed with this blend. Natural, contrasting in colours, fresh but not moist, it has a very peculiar presence and gusto. There is nothing artificial or cloying about Redwood, though it does lack that edge of refinement one would expect from an essentially Virginian tobacco. Short ribbon, almost crimp cut, it is a delight to pack in virtually any pipe, though I prefer to smoke it in a medium size freehand Stanwell. It lights easily and behaves like a perfect gentleman throughout the bowl, with virtually no need to relight. It smokes remarkably cool and dry, and leaves the pipe clean.

The initial flavour is that of matured, red Virginias, with a slight sweetness vaguely reminiscent of Stokkebye?s Curly Cut and, to a lesser extent, of McClelland?s Bulk 5100. Redwood, however, is not as smokey and sugary, and burns drier. After the 1/3 mark, the Perique comes alive, insinuating its piquancy and tanginess, but not as strongly as in other Va/Perique blends (e.g., Solani 633). It rather lends a subtle undertone immediately countered by the spicy and unsweetened Black Cavendish. Again, the harshness of this toasted leaf, which is not at all moist or syrupy, is balanced by the supple Virginian flavour, adding up to an excellent equilibrium.

Seldom have I smoked such a well integrated blend, its components all acting out their particular roles without overshadowing each other (Pease?s hand?). Peppery, zesty and at times tangy, Redwood epitomises the best of the American leaves that go into it. It never becomes dull or monotonous, and it delivers an exquisite and lively taste. A joy.

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