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Notes: This is the marquee blend put out by this small blender who runs an old time B & M located in one of the more affluent areas of Metropolitan Detroit. It is essentially a Vanilla Aromatic with some other flavorings as well

BrandHill & Hill Tobacconists
Blended ByJim Simon
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBurley, Cavendish, Virginia
FlavoringVanilla, Whisky
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TallPuffO'Burley (117)
Mild Strong Mild Pleasant

I added this one and am curious to see if anyone else adds a review to it. This is an aromatic that is primarily Vanilla, but with something else. To my tastes there is some whiskey in there as well. I would say the base is primarily a Virginia, but there is some Cavendish in there as well.

I guess it is only appropriate to give some background with this review. I live in Metropolitan Detroit and this tobacconist is located in Grosse Pointe, which is one of the most affluent areas in Metropolitan Detroit. Hill and Hill has been around forever and the store is evidence of that fact. The furnishings, pipes and history will make any pipe smoker giddy. The tobacco selection, not so much.

I visited there about a year ago, where I was entertained by the owner, Jim Simon, who can amaze you with his knowledge as easily as he can annoy you with his condescension. Regardless, of how much you know about pipes, Jim will be sure to make you feel like you are an amateur. If you are quick tempered or easily angered, he may not be your cup of tea, but if you hang in there, he will start pulling out his pipes and you will be drooling all over his counter.

Back to his tobacco, with all of the pipes, pipestands, the smoking lounge, and the collection of aged claypipes on a board bearing the names of local Detroit celebs dating back from the 60s and 70s, his tobacco collection will impress you less than your local B & M. He only carries bulks that he blends and of that, there are only about 6 blends. Since I took some of his time, I felt obliged to buy something.

He suggested the Haymarket, as his most popular blend and stated that he shipped it all over the world to clients. He told me the key to enjoying this was to dedicate a pipe to it and not smoke anything else and eventually I would love it. Hmmmm? I did not follow his advice and rather treated this like any other tobacco I would smoke. As an aromatic it found a lot of time in my Altinok Canadian.

I will say the smell or aroma of the tobacco was heavenly. I suppose this is the point of an aromatic. So if you are only after the aroma, this rates high. As for taste, I did not really like it. It has a lot of humectants in it. So much, that I never transferred it to a jar from the Ziploc and it never lost a hint of moisture.

I tasted it heavily on the leaf, but I did catch some hints of Virginia leaf as well. I would say that if you are into Captain Black or that variety of aromatic you will likely enjoy this blend. I would probably put this above CBW, but I would rather smoke CB royal to this one. That is just my tastes.

So I am two star recommending this, but would highly recommend a trip to the store if you are in the area and like looking at expensive and rare pipes.

Pipe Used: Mostly Meerschaum

Purchased From: Hill & Hill Tobacconists

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