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Luxury mild and classical. Classic Burley and Virginia grades with double-fermented Black Cavendish. A whiff of pistaccio nectar and chocolate completes the mildly aromatic aura of this mixture - one of the finest Pipe Tobaccos. The tobacco is hand-picked for this demanding mixture, and only the best and most valuable leaves are used. The new variant cut guarantees a slow and cool burn, and the brilliant rainbows of colors in the tobacco give the mixture its extraordinary elegance.

Blend TypeUnknown
ContentsBurley, Virginia, Black Cavendish
FlavoringOther / Misc, Cocoa / Chocolate
CutCoarse Cut
Packaging50g Pouch, 100g Tin
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Mild, Mild to Medium
Very Mild
Extremely Mild (Flat), Mild to Medium, Medium to Full, Very Full
Room Note
Very Pleasant
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Thomasius Wolff Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Thomasius Wolff (3)
Mild to Medium Very Mild Medium to Full Very Pleasant

Having smoked the pipe for about seven years now (and having tried through quite an assortment of blends) I still haven't come across any tobacco to match delightful Burberry. I abhor the garishness of nearly every other flavoured blend and if it weren't for this finely tuned smoke, I'd stick exclusively to traditional English mixtures (with occasional Scottish interludes, maybe). As far as the pistaccio casing is concerned, Burberry truly offers a subtle taste sui generis without falling short of the promise of being 'classical'.

The overall taste is sublime with discernable notes occurring throughout the entire bowl, though there seems to be a shift towards a hightened intensity of the actual tobacco note towards the last third of the bowl. I'd consider its sapidity 'overwhelming' inasmuch as it is overwhelmingly good; as far as the actual intensity of taste is concerned, it is - as long as the pipe is not smoked at inappropriate speed - full yet smooth and even at high temperatures (which are rarely to be achieved with this stuff) never pungent.

I cannot recall a smoke of this that would have failed to uplift my spirits or at least ease my mood. It certainy has become a part of my working and thinking life that I wouldn't want to miss.

I certainly do not believe in the possibility of recommendation when it comes to such personal questions as the choice of tobacco. Yet, let me say that much: If you're looking for something extraordinary that defies categorization, you might well give this one a try.

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pipesmoker87 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
pipesmoker87 (14)
Mild Very Mild Very Full Pleasant

Burberry is certainly one of the best blends I've ever smoked, offering outstanding quality and enjoyment. It's pouch aroma is very delicious, an exclusive, slightly nutty scent of pistacio and chocolate, all in perfect harmony with the tobaccos used for blending, especially the Burley, which emphasizes the nutty scent. Easy filling and very good burning qualities. No tongue bite at all and always the right temperature. My pipe never got too hot. The room note is just a dream. I remember how I got to this tobacco. I was in a bar and somebody aside was smoking his pipe. I remember being astonished by its extremely lovely room note. I remember that guy pulling out a puch of BURBERRY to refill his pipe later. I went off to buy one as well. If you're looking for a real high class smoke that will stimulate your mind, Burberry is the right thing to buy. Just a pleasure and a blend for the best moments in life.

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Telling it how it is. Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Telling it how it is. (73)
Mild Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

This is a nice blend indeed, even tho far from being as outstanding as the other reviews may suggest.

The tin note, taste and room note are nice and very tasty. The pistachio aroma is way in the foreground and covers almost all of the tobaccos flavours. But in a nice way, please keep in mind this is a heavy aromatic and to be expected of.

The aroma slowly wears off around half of the bowl and leaves only hot air in the last quater. In addition you get the artificial component that is typical for all Planta blends, even the excellent ones.

Also you have to take care of your puffing rhythm or the aroma quickly turns to ugly (funnily the room note as well) and it will start to bite your tongue.

All this does sound worse than it actually is. I do recommend this blend if you are into heavy aromatics and have not sampled it yet. But in the end it does not offer anything special or unique to the market, it is just another blend one can but does not have to smoke. And that's the reason for this so lala review.

Pipe Used: It went trough rotation.

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JohnMZap Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JohnMZap (2)
Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Extremely Mild (Flat) Tolerable

As a fan of English and oriental blends i found this too mild, almost tasteless but very cool smoke. The flavoring is there but not too noticeable. Grassy and light taste. I would recommend it to the novice smoker, specially for the bite-less burn, even in the hot days of summer.

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