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Freely translated from the pouch description: "A medium strength natural blend, based on Italian Kentucky, appreciable due to it's palatability and mellow intensity"

Notes: ETI (Ente Tabacchi Italiani) has been bought by BAT (British American Tobacco) in 2003 who sold to Manifatture Sigaro Toscano the pipe tobacco production along July 2006.

BrandManifatture Sigaro Toscano
Blend TypeOther
ContentsCigar Leaf, Kentucky
Packaging40g Pouch
ProductionCurrently available
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Medium to Strong
None Detected
Room Note
Tolerable to Strong

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L'Italiano Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
L'Italiano (68)
Medium to Strong Extremely Mild Medium to Full Strong

A real natural tobacco. It is composed only with dark tobaccos: mainly with Italian Kentucky, but there is also Beneventano (a kind of Brasil) and Nostrano del Brenta (a native tobacco, a kind of Cigar leaf). Natural and unflavored this tobacco belong to the natural native (indigenous) tobaccos (such as Semois, Gris, Burrus Landtabak ecc.). Excellent for the natural tobacco lovers. In my personal rating (from 0 to 10) my score is 7 and two stars.

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Virginia lover Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Virginia lover (138)
Medium None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable

Toscano cigar in a pipe, this tobacco is haven. The Italian Kentucky is easily one of the best pipe tobaccos available on the market today. For smokers who prefer a natural, earthy, toasty, slightly bitter taste, this is for you. It is on par with Belgian Semois and I would say more smoker friendly pertaining to strength. The price is low compared to other offerings, a no fuss, fast burning tobacco that will satisfy all cravings at any time of the day.

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barlow Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
barlow (1)
Medium to Strong Extremely Mild Medium to Full Tolerable to Strong

This is my favourite for price vs quality. It's easy to fill and to smoke, no frills and medium to full body. Very good alone or 50/50 with a virginia blend. Grab it if you are so lucky to find one.

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gam86 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
gam86 (41)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Pleasant

It's a very good ad cheap tobacco, it has a good taste of nuts and "earth" at it grows during the smoking. At the beging it's very light and pleasant and burley does its part than the kentuchy kicks in and gives a strong contribute to your puff.

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Strichetto Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Strichetto (16)
Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

Bought in Italy in 2013, this is the cheapest tobacco in the market... a real plus, for a so good Kentucky; maybe the problem is to find it: only rare, selected and clever tobacconists has this stuff available, it's too cheap, and the most prefer to sell more expensive and lucrative ones. Dark, earthy and woody, perfect to smoke immediately when you open the pouch, it goes to become too dry in a little time.

Scent: earthy, full, no casing... good.

Taste: natural, full bodied, but so soft... you'll love it! No biting at all.

Room note: non so pleasant as some aromatics, but surely ok.

Burning: the only problem of this tobacco, too fast. It lights in a while, and is a little too fast when fresh opened, when dries only a bit becomes really too fast.

Best briars: nearly all, from corn cobs (a must, please, try it!) to best italian thick walls Castello briars (...try it, by Jove!)

"Comune" in italian means common, ordinary, but this is true only about the price, so cheap: if you smoke naturals, it's really good. His only weakness, it's too fast, and you would like a longer time to taste it. Recommended.

Purchased From: Noli, Milano, Italy

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maubise Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
maubise (1)
Mild to Medium Medium Medium Tolerable to Strong

purtroppo non conosco l'inglese, ma fumo il Comune da tempo, alternando con il sigaro Toscano. Credo che non si possa comprendere la forza e dolcezza di questo tabacco 100% naturale se non si amanti del sigaro toscano. Per chi ama il dolce del tabacco, non puo' non provarlo per una fumata sicuramente appagante e con una dolcezza tutta particolare. Un grande tabacco naturale.

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Vovinam Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Vovinam (19)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Strong

A milder version of E. T. I. Forte, also made with italian Kentucky tobacco but without strong types (like the Kentucky Beneventano). Some decades ago it was considered a second choice tobacco; as its italian name saids "comune", that means "common", was a popular and cheap tobacco. Now made obviously with a more selected but still a basic kentucky has a very natural and genuine taste. Slightly bitter, woodsy and with a sort of barley leaf note; it's very dry and fast burning but not much as Forte: more linear, straight and sincere, but also more pleasant, with a constant note of Toscano cigar. Awesome if combined with any sort of distillate, especially "grappa". Like Forte is often used in homemade mixtures to add a natural cut without strong influence in the final taste and without increasing too much the strenght of the mix. I vote four stars because, at my opinion, it's a true allday tobacco; you can't get tired of this, it's relaxing and reflective!

4 Stars, and all deserved!

Type: Natural medium ; Contents: Italian Kentucky ; Cut: Shag, medium size ; Humidity: Dry but not much ; Lighting: Fast and easy lighting, constant and fast smoking ; Pipe recommended: Any type, try it with a meerschaum and a corn: delicious.

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p4p4 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
p4p4 (52)
Medium to Strong Very Mild Medium to Full Tolerable to Strong

Rustic but mellow. Woodsy with trace of sweetness.

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Clarkus Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Clarkus (26)
Medium to Strong None Detected Full Tolerable

Steden was kind enough to provide a pouch for me to try, I think placing me in a small group of Americans to have had the pleasure of this OTC Tuscan tobacco - suitable for pipe or cigarette.

My first few bowls were curious but not convincing. Eventually, I began to take it for my first pipe of the day with my tea. A fresh mouth and cleansing tea really opened Comune up for proper examination.

The Kentucky, a fired tobacco, is very full of tobacco flavor and the other tobacco blended in keeps the tobacco from being completely flat and dull. There is a natural sweetness to the tobacco, that is illusive yet when noted, it the key that unlocks this blend and I believe this small sweetness completes the experience. If you aren't lucky enough to detect it, which seems to be happenstance, you miss the entirety of the potential experience. Unfortunately, I was half way through the pouch before I nailed it down and and before I could consistently catch this fairy.

Perhaps "Comune" means common or ordinary and it may well meet those definitions in Italian but Comune is somewhere above my understanding of "ordinary" since discovering it's secret.

I suppose Prince Albert is America's common/ordinary cut tobacco but these two tobaccos have nothing in common outside of the cultural aspect. I believe Italy wins this one.

It is cold here now with snow on the ground and while smoking Comune I imagine the vineyard workers with soiled hands eating their simple noon meal quenched with local table wine and topped off with a bit of Comune while chatting under the warm Tuscan sun. That is a good winter dream isn't it?

My wife dreams of visiting Tuscany and now I'm beginning to as well.

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Steden Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Steden (89)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Tolerable to Strong

Another excellent review of Skando which I endorse. Comune is a mixture cheap and popular (Trinciato Comune literally means "Ordinary Cut"), rustic but not rough, simple and unpretentious but absolutely dignified. Opening the package the smell is very earthy and reminiscent of a newly plowed field. During the smoke aroma, taste and flavor turns to absolutely soft woody/tannin-free notes and with clear references to the Toscano cigar (the same thin tasty salinity/minerality) although in Comune is not very pronounced the leathery aroma (so characteristic for Toscano... ). A large pipe is probably the best, but (IMHO) you might appreciate this even with a corn-cob pipe.

Recommended with ... full stomach!

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Skando Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Skando (155)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Strong

Comune is a cheap italian blend, entirely produced from italian harvested tobaccos of the Kentucky Burley variety.

Many years ago it was sold in small papers 20grms packs, and it was clearly intended to be for RYO use. Now it comes in 40grms sealed pouches, and seems to me the cut is a bit larger, nevertheless in the shag category. The pouch preserves an acceptable moisture and it's use for the pipe smoking.

The pouch smells very nice natural tobacco. A faint note of spirit of some kind over a earthy/woodsy base. I would think to something of the like of McB's Burley London Blend, but stronger and less sophisticated.

A Tundra by Savinelli # 129 (6mm filter removed), straight with a "generous" bowl, has been in use for a number of bowfuls.

Due to the cut and low moisture level, this is tipical one-match-and-forget. Slow draw has been my care, resulting in a rewarding typical burley-sh smoke, very smooth with cigarish notes. Never bitter, biting nor wet. Of course we are in the mono-dimensional field, I have not expected many things happening ... The strength starts from medium and develops to strong.

Nice experience, and good tobacco to reinforce some milder VaB, I think.

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