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A blend of Burley, Golden VA, and Cavendish. Has a touch of Latakia to make a fuller-bodied smoke. VERY MILD!

BrandBoswell Pipes & Tobacco
Blended ByJ.M. Boswell
Blend TypeUnknown
ContentsBurley, Cavendish, Virginia, Latakia
CutCoarse Cut
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None Detected, Mild
Mild to Medium
Room Note
Pleasant to Tolerable
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fruktflugan Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
fruktflugan (19)
Extremely Mild Mild Extremely Mild (Flat) Pleasant to Tolerable

This is one mix that I have a hard time cathegorising and it really makes me wonder what they were thinking about when they felt the need to blend it.

If you see it as an English mix you are in for a real letdown... It tastes somewhat similar to an English mixture, but with no other real connection. It's ungodly sweet, it's one-dimensional, it has got nothing in there tastewise to arouse any attention and so on.

I began my experience in Englishes with Boswells Northwoods and for my tastes Northwoods is as mild as you ever would a faux- english to be, Mild English is just too bland and boring.

Just smoked a bowl outside and it _actually_ made me mad puffing away to hunt down something that reminds me of an English mixture, just to realize that there's almost nothing like that in Mild English.

Mild English is NOT an English mixture, it's a weak aromatic with nothing really going for it. If you're going to smoke aromatics, there are a lot better offerings... ...Boswells themselves does wonderful mixes, ALL better than this.

If you are looking for an introduction to Englishes you should seek out the "real deal" instead. There's a whole lot of quality Englishes that are mild enough to start out with. Skiff, Squadron Leader, Penzance, Chelsea Morning, Cornell and Diehl englishes, Presbyterian mixture, Boswells Northwoods and a whole heap of other brands that are not shallow as Mild English but still are mild blends.

I am sorry to the Boswells, this blend just does not cut it. An English must have depth and points of interest to keep me reaching for it. Mild English just has no points of interest and just gives me an overly sweet "absolutely nothing" with a faint hint of an English mixture. I cannot recommend this to anyone at the moment, and as I said... If you want to try Englishes but is afraid that they'll make you drop dead, DON'T BE! Mild English is just a small side-track that leads nowhere and when you are finally back on the main track again you'll never look back on that "bad shortcut" (that proved to be longer, more troublesome and not as tasty :) again.

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wekers Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
wekers (14)
Mild to Medium Mild Mild Pleasant to Tolerable

i dont know, have no comparison about english blend, its very dry, the flavor i feel more virginia, than others like burley and latakia that is lower dose, no bite, but keep dry. It's a neutral blend. The positive point on boswell is even no bite tongue. I greatly appreciate it. 2**

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Rev. Avery Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Rev. Avery (9)
Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant

I've tried Countryside, Magnum, and Northwoods ... all of which are very good. But for my tastes Mild English is just about as perfect as it can get. As stated, this is like a little brother to Northwoods and also I'd say to Countryside. This just might be the "one" I've been searching for :-) Also, you can't beat the Boswells. To me, they are what helps make the whole pipe experience so great.

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YoungSmoke Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
YoungSmoke (24)
Mild to Medium Very Mild Medium to Full Tolerable

I'm really surprized there are not more reviews on this blend. First I have to note that Boswell's English blends are the only English blends I've tried and I'm not a full English smoker, but they are really starting to become very enjoyable. I feel this is the "little brother" to Boswells Northwoods. It is a mild version on Northwoods with just enough Latakia to make for a bolder yet mild smoke. It makes for a similar smoking experience, just lighter. It burns cool, tastes great and smells about the same as Northwoods. I don't feel it's quite as creamy, or as "velvety" as Northwoods, but in all a very nice smooth blend. This one also seems to meld with the other tobacco flavors towards the end of the bowl. Maybe better suited for an all day smoke or for a bigger bowl compared to Northwoods. Right now I would say it's my favorite out of Boswell's 3 English blends. It's great anytime, I love it after dinner and maybe even with a few beers. That's pretty much it...a lighter version of Northwoods, but it's still it's own...and it's a good one!

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smokey Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
smokey (120)
Mild None Detected Full Pleasant

Although there are times when I crave a strong English blend, many times I want something milder and this tobacco is my present favorite. It definitely has the proper name, as that is exactly what it is. There is a bit of a sweet note from the Cavendish and Golden VA, while the burley provides body. The Latakia is very far in the background, you have to look for it to taste it. It smokes well in a variety of pipes: I have a Tinsky Christmas pipe that works especially well with it.

This tobacco comes with a medium moisture content and the burn and lighting are both slightly better than average. I haven't tried drying any, that might make it score higher in this regard.

Boswell tobaccos are very reasonable in regard to price. J.M. has made an effort to keep both his tobaccos and pipes affordable for the average person.

Scores for Mild English: taste-16 out of 20; lighting and burn- 7 out of 10; value- 8 of 10. 31 points nets Mild English a * score.

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student Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
student (21)
Mild None Detected Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

I received this in a sampler along with my newest Boswell pipe. It is simply what tobacco blenders have been searching for in the quest for a mild blend with all the characteristics of an English blend but in a more subdued manner. I really like it and for the price, it is well worth trying. Beware, it may end up being your all-day smoke. The burley, cavendish, Virginia and latakia are blended into a very good Mild English. The room note not only passes the Significant Other test but my wife actually asked me why I didn't smoke it all the time instead of that "Stinky" stuff. 3 and a half stars for sure.

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