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BrandBrigham Enterprises Inc.
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Cavendish
CutBroken Flake
Packaging50 grams pouch
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Very Mild, Mild
Room Note
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Deleted Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Deleted Account (1270)
Very Mild Mild Mild Pleasant

Candy cavendish. Smokes hot and goopy, tastes like a stack of pancakes with maple syrup. Good for rookies and schoolgirls, but everyone else might want to pass on this one.

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twistedbydesign Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
twistedbydesign (1)
Very Mild None Detected Very Mild Pleasant

Having Begun to experiment with other Brigham Brands and being impressed I decided to give this one a shot. Be prepared for an incredibly light smoke, which is fine if thats what you are in to, or not feeling in the mood for something with flavour. Im finding it awfully hard to pick flavours out in this one. Although light, im finding the tongue burn is atrocious. I switched over to my churchwarden to see if I could "cool" it down a bit, no luck. On account of the high tongue bite with no descernible flavourings, and the intense moisture in the tobacco, im going to assume there is a ton of humectects in this one. Maybe good for someone, but not for me!

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Commons Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Commons (18)
Mild Mild to Medium Medium Pleasant

The tobacco is similar to its kindred: primarily dark brown with shreds of black and a sweet scent. As its name implies, this is a excellent smoke at the beginning of the day: it has a mild sweetness that prepares the palate for smoking stronger things later on. Indeed, it has a very pleasant room scent and would make for an enjoyable all-day smoking tobacco. Best of all, the nicotene strength in this blend is quite low.

If there are complaints against this tobacco is that there are no real surprises: Though not necessarily a bad thing, the mild sweetness carries throughout the smoke without much in the way of shifting flavours. It also takes a bit of effort to keep this blend lit and not suffer some mild tongue-bite by the end of a big bowl.

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Old Northern Smoky Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Old Northern Smoky (33)
Very Mild Extremely Mild Extremely Mild (Flat) Pleasant

Morning Pleasure is a black & gold cavendish made in the U.S.A. for Brigham. The blend comes in a see-through 45 gram unsealed plastic roll-up pouch held closed only by a centre strip of tape and the tobacco tax label.

Unfortunately this mixture is kept moist.....nay, wet by what seems to be a full cup of prop. glycol which makes it impossible to pack, light, keep lit and finally, smoke. The same is true of their Peaches & Cream blend. This baccy needs to be dumped into an open jar and left to air out for at least 24 hours before trying.

Once aired, there is hardly any aroma at all...virtually neutral in aroma in the jar. It packs well and lights nice and stays lit though I find it burns a bit on the hot and fast side.......probably the glycol.

For fear of gooping my beautiful Brigham Algonquin 284 briar, I loaded a cheap Chinese corn cob and gave it a go. The smoke was dry with just a slight bit of irritation on the front of my tongue...probably the glycol. The taste is mellow and just slightly nutty and the room note is only slightly sweet and nutty but pleasantly so. I then tried it in a YellowBole Brylon and the result was the same but with some gurgle near the bottom of the bowl. Caked the Brylon nicely.

The next day I threw caution to the wind and loaded my Algonquin. Now a bit drier it packed fine with just very little finger pressure mind you. One char light and tamp and then on relight it kept on burning....a bit too fast and hot for my liking and I had to rest the briar midway to let things cool down a bit. That same bit of irritation was there for the first quarter bowl, but the smoke was still dry with the same taste and aroma. Burns to the bottom in all three bowls but always leaves a few pieces stuck to the bottom of the bowl upon emptying.

If I was to compare it to other blends I have tried I would say in its taste and room note it compares to Blatter 1907 (It would not surprise me to learn that both are blended by Lane) or Captain Black White without the flavorings. Given the immense amount of glycol used I would have to choose 1907 over Morning Pleasure.

I would consider this an all-day smoke simply because it is so mellow, but like 1907 there are absolutely no surprises with this...its just a mellow smoke...and sometimes that's all you want. A good beginner and all-day smoke if you let it air out. I find myself smoking this throughout the day, but would I go out of my way to buy this again? NO. Blatter 1907 is just a better quality, naturally moist, sealed pouch, blend.

But if its all you can find, buy it and let it air for a day or two, and you'll be just fine.

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Mr. MacPuffin Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Mr. MacPuffin (2)
Mild Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant

I like it! This is a nice over the counter blend that is easy to get in Canada, albeit overpriced here due to excessive taxes. That said, it is a very nice mild tasting blend with a pleasant room note. Easy to light, and stays lit. This tobacco is not however a high adventure in taste, but more of a "go to comfort baccy". Nuff said!

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ACS Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
ACS (6)
Mild Medium Mild Very Pleasant

Very pleasant, though a bit hot burning and 'thin'-tasting, compared to the simillarly-flavoured Brigham's Own.

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