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An all Black Cavendish consisting of 100% fire-cured tobaccos. Steam sweated for mildness and smoothness.

BrandSutliff Tobacco Company
Blended BySutliff Tobacco Company
Manufactured BySutliff Tobacco Company
Blend TypeCavendish Based
ContentsBlack Cavendish
FlavoringOther / Misc
Packaging2oz, 8oz, 1lb, 5lb
ProductionCurrently available
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Mild, Mild to Medium
Room Note
Very Pleasant
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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (2163)
Mild Medium Very Mild Very Pleasant

The vanilla topping dominates everything, though there is a light caramel in there, too. The black cavendish is vanilla sweet. No nicotine to speak of. Won’t bite or get harsh. Burns at an average pace, cool, clean, and very smooth. Leaves some moisture in the bowl, and needs a few relights. Has a nice after taste and room note. A decent smoke on its own, it makes a good mixer, too.

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Dr. Scott Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Dr. Scott (82)
Very Mild Medium Extremely Mild (Flat) Pleasant

Another free sample from the Internet tobacconist, another vile product from Altadis. Just cigarette burley cased with a horrible perfume that would serve better as an aftershave lotion.

This would turn a novice off pipes forever.

This is the last time I ever waste a smoke on a cheap aromatic.

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StevieB Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
StevieB (1661)
Very Mild Medium Mild Pleasant

Sutliff Tobacco - Black Cavendish B20.

The blend's fairly coarse cut, jet black (obviously), sweet smelling, and only a touch too moist.

The smoke would make a great starting point: very cool, totally bite free, not much nicotine, and exorbitantly sweet: honey and vanilla. The vanilla seems stronger for the first quarter or so, after that it becomes more of a sticky taste, and slightly clumsier. The burn from B20 can't be faulted, and nor can the actual build of the smoke: very heavy; that's something which could be viewed negatively, I suppose: although the room smells nice it needs to have a few windows opened!

This is a good quality black Cavendish:


Pipe Used: Cob

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: 4noggins

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Giovanni Palomino Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Giovanni Palomino (21)
Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

After become super fond of Captain Black Dark I am looking for similar tobaccos and B20-Black Cavendish is one of them, its scent in the package is a lot more soft than the Dark Captain which makes me believe that it is the natural smell of the Black Cavendish and the addition of flavor is very small, the B-20 does not have that flavor a dessert of Captain Black that I like but it is a good smoke room note is like a little sweet walnut but without stand out much in general is a good tobacco. As recommendation smoking tobacco pipe of corn and a little slow since rather heated although not aggressive with your mouth

Pipe Used: Diplomat Corn Cob Pipe

Purchased From: 4Noggings

Similar Blends: Lane Limited - Captain Black Dark.

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Deleted Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Deleted Account (28246)
Mild Mild Mild Very Pleasant

I have always enjoyed this blend, perhaps because of its association with a wonderful trip to Italy a few years ago.

Putting aside negative comments regarding matters such as visual appearance of the mix, it is a very mild, pleasant tobacco with a fabulous room note to which no non-smoker could ever object.

Try a bowl with a cafe normale or latte; very enjoyable, simple, easy to understand bowl.

A wine collector, I often compare pipe tobaccos to wines; some are indeed, complex, deep, brooding, and difficult to access. Others ? Simple, readily enjoyable, with no need to search for deeper rewards.

The B-20 falls solidly into the latter category, more of an Amarone than Pignolo.

Everything has its place in this world, and expectations must be managed accordingly.

One note: I tend to smoke filtered (either balsa or Vauen type) pipes. B-20 is a better smoke in these than unfiltered pipes - having just tried a bowl in the latter, there was a heat and mid-bowl sourness that caused me to abandon it. For the sake of positive associations past, will stick to smoking this in a filtered system. Probably two stars if unfiltered.

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TK Pipe Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
TK Pipe (101)
Mild Mild Mild Very Pleasant

B20 Black Cavendish … An all black (color) tobacco, in what I call the hodge-podge cut, everything from dust on up, with a strong vanilla aroma. Straight from the pouch this tobacco was in my opinion too moist, destined to produce steam and bowl goop, so under my desk lamp it went, and in short order it dried nicely, for me, a good sign.

Light up went without a problem. The first few draws produced satisfying volumes of mild sweet smoke. Which gradually faded into a just OK faintly sweet tobacco taste. If I had to compare it to something, I would say BCA, but this is not BCA by any stretch. On the plus side, its priced right, is “very” smoke able, mild and completely bit free, an all day smoke for sure. So you make the call, I personally can live without this stuff, but that is only my opinion. If you normally smoke Cavendish, I truly think this stuff has enough going for it, to make it worth a try.

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Deleted Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Deleted Account (28246)
Very Mild Mild Mild Pleasant

Good smoke if your looking for something mild and inexpensive.Heavy smoke with a light flavor and hints of light molasses, this is a good quality smoke for little money. It's an everyday, maybe after breakfast type smoke. Would be good for work or day at the park smoke.

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garydobbs Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
garydobbs (20)
Mild to Medium Medium Medium Very Pleasant

The blend of Black Cavendish I smoked came from Gawith Hoggarths and I will definitely be ordering more of this mixture. The tobacco was a little too moist straight from the pouch and took some effort to keep it alight. However when dried for a short while it smoked well and really released its flavours. Somewhat fruity with little bite and not too much of the gunk left by most aromatic blends. I enjoyed this and found the taste improved as I neared the bottom of the bowl - there seemed to be a hint of vanilla and liquorice but the overwhelming flavour was fruity in my opinion.

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Tantric Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Tantric (302)
Extremely Mild Strong Extremely Mild (Flat) Very Pleasant

On its own, I find this tobacco to be far too mild, and far too sweet. It is highly (and I mean highly) aromatic. It has a caramel-vanilla-toffee flavour, that can become, in my opinion, cloying. It is a heavily steamed, bite free Burley concoction, and represents what many here have dubbed as the typical over-the-counter goopy American blend. It does leave a syrupy residue in the pipe and I find it has a sticky texture when touched. It can also burn very fast, but the steam process makes it a completely bite free blend.

The room aroma is, on the other hand, very nice and tends to be complimented even by civilised none smokers. An excellent blend for those just getting started in the art of pipe smoking, and I imagine it can become a regular smoke for those not entirely prone to experimentation with heavier and more natural blends.

Mixed in more or less equal proportions with Black Natural it becomes a much more interesting animal, with a bitter sweetness that tastes pretty good, and smells heavenly.

Need to catch a lady?s attention? Smoke this mixture, and experience the results.

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hoo-boy Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
hoo-boy (26)
Mild Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant

An Aromatic on the mild side. The flavoring is not overpowering good for an all day smoke, No bite. In my opinion one of the best of the dark cavendishs. Along with black Spice (another Consolidated dark tobacco ) I would highly recommend it for the budding Pipe Smoker. A solid 3 stars hoo-boy

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SopwithCamel Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
SopwithCamel (255)
Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant

This is a surprisingly mild otc aromatic. Most drugstore cavendish blends are just too sweet for me, but this one is pretty good. This is mixed with gold burley, and sold as burley and black. All three blends can be found at Walgreen's in my area for about $10 for a 12 oz sack. Worth a shot if you can't get to a tobacconist. It smokes easily, although it can get pretty wet if puffed too enthusiastically. But that comes with the territory.

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Deleted Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Deleted Account (28246)
Mild Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

A rather mild, but still flavorfilled smoke. Very little if any bite. Smokes rather cool, and the odor left behind is pleasant and sweet, so you're not left smelling like stale smoke.

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