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This is a unique blend of a mild aromatic tobacco with a hint of English flavor. A little Latakia makes this blend very flavorful. Mild and slow burning.

BrandBlatter & Blatter
Blended ByBlatter & Blatter
Blend TypeEnglish
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
FlavoringOther / Misc
ProductionCurrently available
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Very Mild, Mild, Mild to Medium, Strong
Mild to Medium
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Claudius Stradivarius Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Claudius Stradivarius (171)
Mild Mild to Medium Medium Pleasant

The first pouch I smoked, I enjoyed this mixture very much. Despite the moisture content that was too high - you just let the tobacco dry out longer before smoking-, I enjoyed this aromatic that had a constant undertone of Latakia that brought an interesting addition to it.

The second pouch I smoked, it tasted weird and bite like crazy despite the mixture being dark. I just don't know what happened!

I might give it a third shot next time I have the pleasure to travel to Montréal and update my impressions...

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Old Northern Smoky Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Old Northern Smoky (33)
Very Mild Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant

If you like mild American aromatics and mild Perique-free English blends you'll certainly like this.

Perhaps you're a mild aromatic smoker and wanted but always hesitated buying a full-bore English. Give this a go.

Whatever you do.....let it dry out for a while otherwise you will be smoking on a lot of steam which will make a lot of gurgle requiring a few cleaners while you smoke it.

In the pouch it is quite moist...too moist. The aroma is a very mild smoky Latakia and black Cavendish.....very mild aroma.

Once lit the room note is mildly smoke-house latakia and incense from the oriental. Lots of white smoke which seems to nicely coat the tongue. No bite despite the bowl getting a bit on the hot side. Slightly tasty with just a hint of sweetness on the tongue from the virginia.

I like a few American aromatics and I like perique-free English blends so combining the two in London is a nice, mellow result.

A nice smoke........nothing fantastic but combining black cavendish with VA, Latakia and oriental give you a bit of both worlds.

London helps me make up my mind when I'm not sure I want a straight English or a straight aromatic. London would make an excellent mix to tone down an otherwise strong full-bore English.

A nice honest smoke. Give it a go! I'll certainly buy more!

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Guyrox Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Guyrox (131)
Mild to Medium Medium Medium Tolerable

This, from all the house blends that I've tried from Blatter, was a sincere try, but it quite didn't hit the spot. I've tried twice, to make sure, but draw the same conclusion.

The bakkie is on the dark side, medium in length and width, with a little hint of Latakia in the background.

The lighting was a bit exteneous, I believe the moisture level was a bit high at first, but it remained the same after a couple weeks. i came to the understanding that it was a bit overcased, which the way that my taste buds reacted confirmed.

It had a tendancy on wetting the pipe too.

Ah well, can't win 'em all!

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CJ Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
CJ (45)
Strong Mild to Medium Full Tolerable to Strong

This is a very dark and somewhat aromatic blend. Throughout the bowl, the flavor changes. Sometimes, I notice the Cavendish, sometimes the Latakia, sometimes the Virginias or Orientals. It burns clean, dry, and leaves a fine ash. The room aroma is a blend of Latakia and aromatic Black Cavendish. It is quite sweet tasting and there is a mild hint of the same flavor in Blatter's Private Reserve. Since I normally do not turn to aromatics, I seldom smoke this straight. However, when one of my stronger English Blends becomes too overbearing for me, I add a pinch of London to it. That balances everything to a friendlier taste and a better room aroma. Mixture 965 with a pinch of London becomes a very interesting mix. I would only recommend this as a straight smoke to those that are torn between aromatics and English blends. London is definitely an English blend with aromatic overtures.

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