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Peretti's only pure Virginia mixture. RCTR shows a subtle sweetness and nuance without cloying. A refined mixture for the Virginia lover.

Notes: We've got many blends. But we lack one distinct and classic style of mixture. An all Virginia blend. RCTR covers that base gracefully. Initially blended as a limited item for the Chicago show some years ago, we've brought it back in a semi-limited capacity for our ever growing list of dedicated pipers to (hopefully) enchant.

Not long ago, we received a call from a curious customer who had dug up a tin of RCTR he hadn't touched until a few days ago. He called because our collective handwriting is abysmal and he couldn't make out the glyphs marked on his can. Fair.

"R.... C I B?", he asked.

After a few moments of thought and a few odd looks between the staff at Peretti's, we decided it could only have been RCTR. The man who called was simply delighted at how wonderfully the tobacco had aged. After that conversation, we decided to blend up a batch and make it available online. Try it for yourself and learn what bad penmanship is like.

Blend TypeStraight Virginia
ProductionCurrently available
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