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An exotic mixture, whose magic is shaped by a floral Orient Turkish, that is complemented by well-matured, sweetish broken Virginia. Refined with golden Vriginia tobaccos, which offers citrus-notes, and rounded with a nutty Burley. A lovely, natural/unspoiled tobacco without any flavours added to it.

Blend TypeAmerican
ContentsBurley, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Packaging100g Tin
ProductionCurrently available
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None Detected
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Pleasant to Tolerable
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DenizBeck Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DenizBeck (291)
Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

I was quite surprised when a generous sample of this arrived of this tobacco. On the same day, I was puffing (not inhaling) a RYO-Cigarette from my girlfriend, as I forgot my pipe and wanted to smoke after a meal. She has "Camel"-brown, the one without additives. It's a classical "American-Blend" from Virginias, Burley and Orient. I loved the very citrusy, rich floral and slightly sweet smell and taste of it. While puffing this with great pleasure I thought "oh well..for a RYO-tobacco this one has quite a refined, and tasty flavour! I wish there was a pipe blend like this!".

Fast-forward a few hours, I'm holding a sample of "Tabak Kontor No. 6" in my hand and took a smell on the baggie. It has almost the exact same smell like the brown Camel RYO tobacco. No. 6's scent offers lemon and citrus, a pleasing floral note, a bit of sweetness and some tangy spice to it.

No. 6 comes in a ribbon cut and is reminiscent of RYO-tobacco, yet the ribbons aren't that fine like in RYO backys. It has a wider cut and is obviously ment to smoke in a pipe. It's easy to pack, and due to the low moisture easy to light and keep lit. Can be smoked right away, no drying time needed.

Codger-scooped a bowl full of this with one of my beloved clays the first time, and set it on fire. Immediatly I noticed that the flavour is quite the same as "Camel brown RYO", yet No.6 is more diversified and a tad more refined. Intense nuttiness (Burley), accompanied by a rich floral aroma and slightly sour-dry tones (Orientals). A very citrusy quality (Virginias) quickly joins in, along with a ever-present but mild honey-ish sweetness, which rounds the taste. There is also a decent bready quality to it, which pops up by times and may come from the Virginias too. The flavour is very tobacco-ey and most natural, you can certainly tell this is pure tobacco, with no flavourings added to it.

It isn't the most complex taste, but it simply works! I wouldn't want to add anything to it, it's solid-as-rock, uncomplicated and easily enjoyable blend, that's far from being "cigarett-ish" or one-dimensional. Very refined, with enough depht to keep one interested and intense flavours which are satisfying. No biting, but it can get a bit harsh if smoked too fast. Best to be enjoyed slowly puffed and it performs well in any bowl size (I prefer medium size bowls).

3/4 stars for this very well made blend! Even tho it's THE classical "American Cigarette Blend" composition (Va/Bu/Orientals), they managed to keep this from being "cigarett-ish" and created a very pleasing blend, which to me show the superiority of pipe tobaccos over cigarette tobaccos. Camel brown RYO was pretty good - Kontor's No. 6 is superior!

Pipe Used: Clay Pipes

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