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White burley, Virginia & perique tobaccos are spun in twist-shape and are baked. Highly aromatic white burleys, earthy, nutty with a fine herbal note, are rounded with ripe-sweet Virginias and some lively, slightly peppery perique. Creamy, tasteful spice, paired with the smoothness and flowerly mildness.


Blended ByTom Darasz / TAK
Manufactured ByMotzek / TAK
Blend TypeOther
ContentsBurley, Perique, Virginia
Packaging100 grams pouch
ProductionCurrently available
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DenizBeck (289)
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This is a re-visit for Tom´s White Twist. I rated this 4-stars before and these days this smoke got one of my very favorites. When I first reviewed this tobacco I found Tom´s dark Twist to be a tad superior to this one, now it's the other way round, really! But let's dig into this lovely tobacco and why I love it so much.

White Twist is beautifully and skillfully spun into a pigtail-like form, like a women would be braiding their beautiful hair. The color is deep, night-black from the outside. Cutting a piece off, in the inside it's a bit more bright-brown. Medium, dark brown, some black. Intriguing!

This blend doesn't get its name from the color, which is black but from its ingridients! Blended from white Burley (which is one of the best Burley varietals to me btw; Solanis Aged Burley Flake is also white Burley), with a good portion of Perique and some Virginia this does have a rather musty, strong odor just as his "brother" the dark twist by Tom (Darasz). Musty, peppery, fermented and intense. Don't be scared by the intense aroma, if you like a hearthy smoke, you'll love this blend! In comparison to Tom´s dark Twist, this is a bit more unobtrusive to the nose.

Handling is a joy, as usual with twists and ropes, which are my favorite way of processing tobacco leafs. Chop off a little piece and then cut it to your gusto. Cutting coins with a cigar-cutter, making cubes, rubbing the coins out or filling them as a whole..your imagination is the only limit here! I like to cut some coins, rub some of them out and fill 1-2 of them as awhole, layered between the loose tobacco into the bowl.

Typically for an Twist-/Rope cut it needs an hour up to two of drying time before smoking to get a most flavorful and perfectly behaving pipe tobacco out of this. It's not moist, but has some moisture to it and (also typically for this cut) holds the moisture really well, even when stored in the plastic bag it comes in.

Lighting white Twist will be a revelation to any aficionado of full-bodied, strong smokes, and especially for the lovers of Burley and Perique. You'll be surprised, when a sugary-sweetness hits you that most certainly is contributed by the bright Virginias in this blend. Even tho in the back this sweetness equilibrates the ferine power and aroma of the white Burley, of which there is plenty) and the Perique, which also takes a decent share of the mixture! The Perique sports a similar musty, intense and by times nose-hair singing aroma as in the Dark Twist! But much more mild and really underscoring the Burleys rich spice. Burley & Perique create a genuine peppery spice and tang. The white burley not only gives aromas of tart, and sometimes sweet nuts, but also some vey dark bread-ish notes and what I'd describe as "tobacco-ish taste". A slight sourness is present in the background by the Perique, which adds some more depth to the smoke.

Burley is "one-dimensional, cigarette-ish and boring"? FAR FROM THAT....skillfully blended its a very flavorful, natural varietal of tobacco that deserves some love! Tom´s White Twist along with Solanis Aged Burley Flake are the best examples of what can be done with Burley!

It burns slow, cool and without any dull spots. The flavors are consistent and reach their peak at around 1/4th of the bowl to settle for a creamy, full-bodied and savory flavor. This one has some nicotine-punch to it! Slightly milder than Tom´s dark twist (which must be the strongest smoke I ever had...) I nevertheless find it very digestible. Great to wake up in the morning (but better have a good breakfast in forehand) and just as good as a nightcap. Only downside is the strong room-note..."what are you smoking??" my girl asked, and she usually never complains about any pipe tobacco I smoke.

Keep in mind that you'll have to air those twists out every now and then (I do it once a week) to prevent mold, as this is most natural pipe tobacco withouth any chemical anti-fungals! Only salt is added to prevent mold. May seem like some "extra work" to some people, but for me it's worth the effort, because in exchange you get a truely natural product here!

A must try to any lover of a hearty, strong smoke. Burley Aficionados will love this for its depth and richness. Perique Fans may like this as a hearty change of pace inbetween the more mild and more common way of blending Perique only with Virginias. I'll estimate the Perique share to about 20% in this blend. Anyone who likes Bold Kentucky, Old Dark Fired, JackKnife Plug and alike will find great pleasure in this blend. Even though its not dark fired (but baked) it has this "dark fired-ish" charme to it.

Pipe Used: Clays, Cobs, Briars, Morta

Purchased From: (Motzek)

Similar Blends: Somewhat similar to , Motzek - Tom's Dark Twist (TAK).

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